Welcome To My First Newsletter!

October 2019

Hello Friends!

You are receiving this email because we have worked together, in some way, to
foster and support human connections in health care. Some of you I’ve worked
with around empathic communication such as The Empathy Effect or
Motivational Interviewing Workshops, and for many of you, around behavioral
health integration and other whole-person care efforts. As I was looking at the
list of names for this email, I felt very grateful to be connected to so many
amazing people, doing such important work!

My intention for this newsletter is to further connect those of us who are
committed to transforming our health and social systems from systems that are
too often transactional, de-humanizing, and unjust, to relational, empathic and
equitable systems that enhance our sense of shared humanity. This
transformation in the health and social services parallels the same struggle in
our communities and in our country.

Humanizing systems is social justice work, and if there ever was a time for
us to be bold, relentless, strong and effective in our aims, it is now. When I am
flagging, when cynicism creeps in, when I start to feel hopeless and sometimes
helpless about what I can do, one of the only things that seems to provide more
motivation, energy, comfort and the willingness to get busy again doing the best
work I can, is feeling connected to others who have similar values and aims.

Please continue reading below for some resources I’ve developed to help in
this work. I appreciate connecting with you all in this new way.

Bye for now!

CEO & Principal Consultant


I have a website just for resources that I’ve created, or I found and feel are particularly valuable. You can check it out HERE. Everything on the site is for fun and for free, as they say in AA! One of the resources I love the most is the ‘101’ slide decks. I created these with my frequent collaborator, graphic designer Illiya Vestica, to try and capture the essence of the many strategies we engage in to humanize health care. I envisioned them as tools for us to use within our organizations to increase understanding and emotional connection for engaging in the complex work of systems change.



Learn how to transform the most impactful part of the treatment experience. Read More »





Download resources for motivational interviewing for practitioners and trainers. Read More »



“When someone really hears you without passing judgment on
you, without trying to take responsibility for you, without trying to
mold you, it feels damn good!” – Carl Rogers

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