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Day: November 14, 2018

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Welcome to Rsourced

On the scale of lacking organization to highly organized, I fall someplace on the lower end.

From the time I was small, a good portion of each day is spent simply looking for things- my son’s permission slip, a tape measure, a PowerPoint presentation on my computer.

I was 22 when I first used email, and it made the job of looking for things on my computer much easier- as long as I could remember who I sent something to, I could search email and find the file- and send it out again to whoever requested it. 26 years later, not only is my memory more crowded with important things to recall (passwords, birthday parties my kids are invited to this month, things I need from CVS this week), my computer is significantly more crowded with resources, tools, and writings from decades of deep and passionate engagement in my work in healthcare.

I’ve been lucky to work my entire career in non-profit healthcare- a field that is driven by like-minded people, working toward social justice and looking through a health equity lens.

The people I’ve worked with and for, and the projects, pilots and initiatives I’ve been privileged to work on, have generated the creation of many resources. The purpose of this website is twofold: first, to have a central place to store originally created documents and other resources for organizations that EM Consulting is working with, for ease and simplicity; and second, to make these available to anyone or any other organization that may benefit from their use. Please feel free to email me if you’d like a non-PDF version of these materials, to make editing or altering easier. These are not copyrighted, credit is appreciated, but not necessary.

We are all working for the greater good!